Give Me a Foot, I’ll Take a Mile (via Hike-koo)

Just amazing. The depth in his words, you can almost feel what he is feeling while reading the words. Soulful wandering. That’s one thing I want to do before I die. We are born on the Earth not just to live. We can do almost anything we wish to do if we put our soul to it. The physical body is just a mode of operation.

What kind of creature are you and what is your relationship to the world?  Curious upright biped, you have walked unknown fathoms since your ancestors stood and peered above the grasses.  What makes you so persistent, why do your ways confound me?  Why do you confound yourself?  Looking deeply upon your body, you see only mystery.  It would seem that you, like me, are meant to walk through the breathing dreams of the world, to cross the real ston … Read More

via Hike-koo

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