Does everything happen for a reason?

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Hm.. Okay so I don’t know how to start off. (=P) Yes, I do believe everything happens for a reason. Well,we just don’t see the connection between the things that happen in our Life to a particular reason. There must be some reason why I’m blogging about this topic right now. There must be some reason why I dashed into a stranger this morning on my way to school. But, I believe there is always a reason. We just look in all the wrong places for the reasons. Its right in front of us. The more we look for the reasons, the less likely we are going to find it. So, I’d say, leave it. You’ll realize it yourself like I’ve done many times -the reason- when the time is right.


5 Responses

  1. You made a very good point about trying to find answers the less we’re likely to find it. I guess we begin to loose focus I guess.

    • hehehe. Yeah, you could say that =D

  2. totaly agree…if we do not recognize the reason at once, we will surely stumble upon it later, and then everything just falls into place….. :)

    • :-) True. We have so much to do in Life. If we concentrate on what we are doing, other things fall into place. The picture cannot be complete even if one element is missing. The reasons will be realized by you eventually-but you will definitely realize-because even they are a part of the picture.

  3. […] Co-Incidences. I don’t know why its so hard for me to believe in co-incidences. Confuses me too. What if there are no co-incidences? What if everything happens for a reason? […]

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