What are Miracles?

What are miracles?  Wordnetweb defines “Miracle” this way:

Any amazing or wonderful occurrence

I’m not gonna talk about God’s miracles here, but rather the role of Humans in the occurrence of a miracle. To me, a miracle happens only for those who believe in miracles. I believe in miracles. I also believe that the miracle would mean nothing if we did not consider it as a miracle.  People say that God is the reason miracles happen. What do you think?

People marvel at the height of the mountains, the depths of the oceans, the vastness of the lands, and yet, they pass by themselves without marveling.

We are a part of a miracle right now. Belief in oneself is important. If you believe in yourself, you will know that miracles happen. Each and every second of your Life is a miracle.  There are  over 150,000 deaths per day and over 55 million deaths per year, 1.8 deaths per second worldwide, meaning that there are over 100 deaths per minute .The fact that you are still alive and reading this, is in itself  “An amazing and a wonderful occurrence”.

Life is a miracle

10 Responses

  1. I love love love this!!! thank you for the constantly-needed reminder :)

    • No problemo! I need it sometimes too :)

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  3. :-) thanx blog buddy, I trackbacked to this page, but I must warn you this inspiration, could go on forever lol!

    • heehehehehe :D Lol :D yeah!

  4. So true! The gift of life is one of the biggest miracles. :-)

    • ;-) It is.

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  6. miracle
    well i have trying to make ppl aware of these tiny miracles around them for so many years
    they finally get it – now thats a miracle
    the journey of life becomes fun wen u find miracles happening all around u…it feels beautiful & blessed all the time
    yet another lovely post
    thanx buddy
    becoming a follower of urs :)

    • Well said nandita. Im glad you like my posts. I have more to come! Glad to hear that!


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