When I die, will they cry?

“Death”, to some, is scary. I ask them why and they say they don’t know why. So, I  guess they just fear the unknown. What happens after we die? We go home. To where we belong. We go back to that place where we were before Life on Earth. This world, is just an illusion. You can see the building in the far off distance, but you cannot see the brutal crime being committed in that building. So, “dying” is a far better thing to do after living in a world covered with lies. When I die, I do not want my loved ones to weep. As Mary Elizabeth Frye said, I’m not at the grave. I’m merely home away form home.

By Mary Elizabeth Frye

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  1. Thanks.

    • No problemo ^_^
      btw- what was the thanks for? [=D]

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