So, I’m really bored right now. I have nothing better to do. I have no ideas to write about. And I’m completely clueless what I should be doing right now. I took one of those “Are you bored” quizzes and the height of boredom increased. Hm..You should be doing something always so you won’t get bored I guess. :P I’m currently listening to “What about now” by Westlife [That’s one heck of a group ;)] and I’m blogging. Its 5:57pm right now. And I’m done with my homework. My buddies are busy doing something and I’m bored. -_- Well, I at least posted something instead of whiling away the time [am i doing that right now? I guess I am]. Ah..damn. I’ve got to submit my social report [THANK GOD!]. [=P]

P.S. There are high possibilities of me getting bored again. So, what do you do when you’re bored? It might help me :D

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  1. Don’t get mad … but I’m rarely ever bored. There is so much to do; read a book, watch TV, listen to music, take a walk, write, eat, sleep, start all over again…. :-)
    Below is my signature of 1/21/2011 ;-)
    I’m on my vampire schedule today… even if I don’t show up as the posts arrive in my box, I will make the effort to catch up. Don’t count me out yet :-)
    Have a great weekend!

    • hahha! i agree totally! Just discovered that ;-D

  2. Bored… haha, I’m with Eliz on that one!
    I have a good friend who does visioning… like waking dreaming… I haven’t tried it much, although I did seem to be getting a taste of it yesterday with my fever and aches! Anyway, you might check it out… she says it gives her a lot of creativity. If I come across any links, I’ll share with you!

    • I’d love that! ^^

  3. I used to be bored when I was a kid, and would keep telling everyone that I am bored. But since then, I started reading, and after that I got into computers. Now I am not bored, but after the weekend is over, I feel I wasted a weekend. ;-)

    How I wish I was bored once again…

    • hahahaha :D

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