An Eagle soars

Topic #25 and Bonus topic by  Daily Post :

Hm..Hard to say. I have a lot of favorite sounds. The best of them all is when the wind blows over  the mountain tops as an eagle soars through the sky at dusk. I wish I could listen to that type of a sound. Unfortunately, I live in the city where I don’t get to listen to that kind of a sound. Sometimes, when I drive to the countryside, I love how the fields seem like they never end. And yet, I never heard that kind of a sound till now. But, as I said, I like other sounds as well. Like the waves lapping up on the shores, the sound my feet make when I walk on sand, my mother’s voice [haha] so on and so forth. I wish; I hope, someday I get to listen to the sound I keep dreaming about.

You can put wings on a pig. But that doesn’t make it an eagle.

2 Responses

  1. Can you describe the sound you keep dreaming about?
    I had a dream once of being on a seashore in a strange world (this post reminds me of it :), and on the sand I found small sea creatures that were so brilliantly colored and iridescent, that to look into them was to get drawn into yet another world… I imagine that your sound might be the one those creatures make… ;)

    • oh wow. I can imagine how that might sound. Well, yeah, it might =D

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