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One piece of technology I can’t live without is my iPod. I was watching “The Book of Eli” yesterday and I realized that music can help you survive even in the most horrible situations. I like music [who doesn’t?] and I know that I can survive without food and water if there’s music with me. Another piece of tech that I can’t live without is my mobile phone. It may prove to be very helpful, you know. I guess if I keep writing, the list will go on, so i’ll stop here :P

Music is what feelings sound like.

4 Responses

  1. I can never relate to people who say music is life :-)
    but yah..thse fancy gadgets do keep us entertained so, I love them

    • Ha. I can relate to that :D Music is not Life. Obviously not. There’s much to Life than just music. But, anyway, music can at least help us live when its becoming difficult to do just that.Living.

      @fancy gadgets- :-D haha. Totally :D

  2. How cool! I’m finishing up 3 posts about music now! It’s late in the day, so it’s looking like Jan 30 will be one of those “.” post days, but I agree totally that music can pull us out of anything… Thank again!

    • :-D “.” post days :D haha. I like that :D NO problemo. the pleasure is all mine :)

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