What makes me smile?

Topic by Daily post:

What makes me smile? Here’s a list :

1. Michael Jackson’s smile

2. Johnny Depp’s weird hair in Charlie and the Chocolate factory

3. My sister’s handwritng

4. When my parents smile at me.

5. When watching Glee

6. When I go to watch a baseball match

7. A quote I like

8. When I’m with my friends

9. When I cry

10. When I look at the sky


4 Responses

  1. I love the range of your list! I sense that you could have continued numbering for quite some time [:)]

    • :-D oh yeah :D

  2. Very sweet…
    Like Leslee said, you could keep going with this one.. Love it. Stop by our blogs and make us smile sometime! :-)

    • oh yeah. I’ve been caught up with a lot of work. But, yeah. Im back. Wow. looks like i missed a lot. :)

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