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Co-Incidences. I don’t know why its so hard for me to believe in co-incidences. Confuses me too. What if there are no co-incidences? What if everything happens for a reason?

What if what we see in plain sight isn’t the whole picture? What if there’s a bigger plan behind each and every thing we do, each and every decision we make, each and every step we take? After a quiet time with myself, I realize that though this is the most confusing part of Life for me, it is also the part of Life that is the least confusing. It is easy to believe that there are no co-incidences, but no proof to back it up. Maybe I don’t need any. Maybe even that’s a part of a bigger plan taking shape. My purpose in Life has still not unfolded. But maybe when it will, I will have the answer. Maybe when it will, I will understand what I’ve been living this Life for.

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  1. I don’t believe in coincidences either – everything does happen for a reason though we sometimes realize that later.

    • True =)

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