A Dance on Hollywood Boulevard

I'd dance my way to heaven if I could.

Michael Jackson Star Shrine Hollywood Boulevard

I'd rather be a great dancer than a great singer because, I love watching people dance and I absolutely love watching videos of Michael Jackson, so this time if I'd be the one dancing like there are no bones in me, it'd be very interesting I think. I'd like to dance for 24 hours straight and break a world record and then dance my way to supporting causes. If there was one place I'd like to perform, then it'd be Hollywood Boulevard. Much like the video of "Hollywood Tonight", I'd like to dance on Michael Jackson's star. And remember and honor him for who he was and who he is and who he will be for the future generations to come. I think he changed the face of Pop culture entirely, always saying "Don't stop till you get enough".

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6 Responses

  1. Well said… Is that a recent photo or from when Michael passed away…? Good to see you back.

    • Heyah Eliz! Its nice to see you again too! How you been? ^_^
      Yeah- it was when Michael passed away

  2. Hi, friend!

    • Hey Leslee! I’ve been away for a while..Nice to see you again! ^^

      • It’s funny, I’ve been away too – how nice that several of us seem to come back together at the same time!

  3. Haha, yeah! :D

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