I am just a person with my own opinion on Dreams. To me, Dreams are not worthless, they are actually more worth than the filthy reality that we live in. Reality, is, but an illusion. You can do almost nothing that you want to do in the real world where the laws of Nature, Physics, Gravity are in your way. Our minds are very powerful. This 9 pound mass can do things-is doing things- that we cannot imagine. So why not use it for good? Why not use it to change Dreams to reality? You may argue with me that some dreams cannot become reality. I am not contrary to that, I agree that some dreams cannot become reality. But, those dreams are not totally useless. They convey a meaning to you, that only YOU can understand. Like some people believe in music, I believe in dreams. When you realize what your dreams are, you will realize what your reality is. And before you know it, you will be the master of your reality.

19 Responses

  1. Hey! The topics you blog about sound pretty interesting. Do you still need a blogging buddy? Are you doing the once (or as I’ve noticed, more than once) blog a day?

    • YEA! I’d love that! Im still doing postaday :)

  2. Would love to join in on blog a day, still trying to figure it out… I hope this subscribes me :)

  3. You’re both welcome to join the group at my blog. Don’t let the name of it scare you away – it’s not what you think!
    I always have plenty of encouragement and smiles for everyone :-)

    • :-D I just took a look at your blog- pretty naice! :-)

  4. hi mad hatter, i’m glad i came across your site
    very nice one
    …keep dreaming :)

    • ^_^ Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! You are welcome here anytime! :-D

      -The Mad Hatter

  5. Hi Mad Hatter!

    You’ve got a lovely blog here. I like the underlying tone of the blog very much :)

    I’m bookmarking this blog and we should try to work together at some point in time. Cheers!

    • Thanks a lot! I’d love to work with you sometime :)

  6. Would you like to share with us the story behind the domain title – abcd12345678910abcdefghiefghi.wordpress.com?

    • hahaha. Its nothing great. Just popped into my head. Just like that :p :D I guess thats that. :D hahaha

  7. Found your blog thro VJ’s blog. I was thinking about why someone would have such a ridiculous name for a blog, but your nice writing compensates for that ;) Hehe.

    btw, what’s the reasoning behind your blog name?

    • haha. Glad to know that =)
      Well, dreams have always fascinated me. And ever since I first read “Alice in Wonderland”, I wanted to know what it’d be like to look at the world “Through the looking glass”. And thats pretty much what changed the screen on my “Looking glass” and that’s how I ended up with the blog name. [does that have anything to with Dreams and reality? well, if you’ve read Lewis Caroll =D ]

  8. Thank you for your “Like” on my post.
    I am interested in your blog, but I have not understood enough to leave a reply your posts from lack of my English ability.
    Sorry, m(_ _)m

    • the pleasure’s all mine. I’m glad that you’re interested. No problemo. Take your own time =-) Glad to know you!

  9. I always considered meself to be a vivid dreamer of sorts…well…atleast until i came across your blog….pls do keep dreamin and writin abt it….and one more thing….i like the fact that you have kept your blog relatively simple…without much ado….giving your content the place it deserves rather than anything else.kudos!!

    • I am honored =) thanks for all the complements :)

  10. Hey! Mad Hatter I just loved your blog. please stay in touch through gmail as i have left indi.

    • :-O Yeah, sure!

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