Why am I here?
February 22, 2011

I was inspired by Cory William and a post by Nandita Prakash to ask myself a question “Why am I here?” I’d very much like to know the reason why I’m here. In the world. Without the answer to my question I feel like  I am a nomad. I feel like i’m just wandering without any reason. Why do I wake up every morning and sleep every night only to wake up again to the same world? Same Life? Same people? We go about our daily lives just going about our daily lives. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time when I did something for the first time. I can’t remember the last time I tried to figure out my Life. But I guess that’s how it is meant to be. I guess all that is a part of a bigger plan that the supreme power has in store for me. I may not know what that is, and I think we just, sort of, know what it is at the right time, at the right moment what our purpose in Life is. We all want to aim high, reach for the stars, we want to become Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers so and so, but have we ever, even once, want to become mere humans? Have we even tried to become humans? I mean, yes, we are humans, speaking literally, but is it all that there is to the word “Human”? “Human” is what i’ll try to be till I know my real purpose in Life. “Human” is what i’ll try to be till I know why I am here. And I don’t want to know what the exact answer will be to my question. I’ll just wake up every morning, sleep every night, survive another day, live my Life and dream, till I know the answer. Till then, I’ll dream of a world where there’s no violence, hatred, destruction or injustice. A world where you know who you are. A world where you know why you are there. A world, where, when one asks you “Who are you?’ You answer ” I am Human.”


My Hero, My Inspiration
February 20, 2011

Like Michael Jackson, John F Kennedy, Tupac Shakur and many others, Martin Luther King Jr. is my hero. He has inspired millions of people around the world- not only Americans and Africans- but people all over the planet. Today, when I listen to his speeches on racism, love, hate and peace, it makes me feel sad. It makes me hate the world sometimes. It makes me think  “What is wrong with the world?” . It makes me think “Where is the love?” The world would be a better place if nobody hated. The world would be a better place if more people thought like him. The world would be a better place if there aren’t so many lies covering the truth. We live in challenging times. And it just isn’t a matter of who’s going to survive. Its the matter of who’s going to live. Sadly, not many people know the difference between surviving and living. I never could tell the difference between the both till a dew days ago. The moment I heard Martin Luther King Jr. say the words  “I have a dream”, I knew what I wanted from my Life. The real purpose of my Life may not be clear to me yet, but lets leave that to tomorrow. What I wanted from today, I knew. I said to myself  “I am going to live everyday. Not merely survive it”.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only Light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out Hate. Only Love can do that.


An Eagle soars
January 24, 2011

Topic #25 and Bonus topic by  Daily Post :

Hm..Hard to say. I have a lot of favorite sounds. The best of them all is when the wind blows over  the mountain tops as an eagle soars through the sky at dusk. I wish I could listen to that type of a sound. Unfortunately, I live in the city where I don’t get to listen to that kind of a sound. Sometimes, when I drive to the countryside, I love how the fields seem like they never end. And yet, I never heard that kind of a sound till now. But, as I said, I like other sounds as well. Like the waves lapping up on the shores, the sound my feet make when I walk on sand, my mother’s voice [haha] so on and so forth. I wish; I hope, someday I get to listen to the sound I keep dreaming about.

You can put wings on a pig. But that doesn’t make it an eagle.

Why did I start Blogging?
January 15, 2011

Topic # 14 by Daily Post

Well, I had a few blogs on Blog spot and one on WordPress that I rarely updated. I don’t know why, but maybe because of the nature of the main theme or the appearance of the blog, I don’t really know. But I made a new year resolution this year that I’m gonna start blogging again so that I can share my thoughts, my opinions with other people around the world. Till now, its been great. I hope it continues this way.

What do you want to be remembered for?
January 15, 2011

topic #11 by Daily Post

If I had the chance to make the world a better place, I would. And I would want to be remembered for that. Even if I fail, I’ll know that its not the end. I’m gonna get back up and try again. Even if I fail, I’ll at least know that I tried while I could have chosen something else.