The question that wasn’t answered.
May 7, 2011

Pilate asks Jesus “What is Truth?” Jesus answers Pilate’s question with silence.

I always find this fascinating. Did his silence mean that the Truth was out there for us to find? Or did it mean that there is no Truth after all, but mere perceptions? Well, we are to ask ourselves and others the same question. What is Truth? Is it something that has been proved? But then, simply because it hasn’t been proved to be true, doesn’t mean it isn’t the Truth. And yet, again, when I use the word “Truth”, I ask myself again and again what Pilate asked Jesus. And again and again, I answer myself in silence. By remaining in the Darkness, the Silence, are we lying to ourselves? Are we in a cage, not knowing all the time that we have the key? We may never know the Truth, never. Maybe we will eventually come to know that we’ve been lied to all our lives when we cross over to the other side. So, till I finally know what the Truth is, and whether it really exists, I will answer the question in silence. But this time, it will mean that I’m waiting to realize that the key is still in my hands.


An Eagle soars
January 24, 2011

Topic #25 and Bonus topic by  Daily Post :

Hm..Hard to say. I have a lot of favorite sounds. The best of them all is when the wind blows over  the mountain tops as an eagle soars through the sky at dusk. I wish I could listen to that type of a sound. Unfortunately, I live in the city where I don’t get to listen to that kind of a sound. Sometimes, when I drive to the countryside, I love how the fields seem like they never end. And yet, I never heard that kind of a sound till now. But, as I said, I like other sounds as well. Like the waves lapping up on the shores, the sound my feet make when I walk on sand, my mother’s voice [haha] so on and so forth. I wish; I hope, someday I get to listen to the sound I keep dreaming about.

You can put wings on a pig. But that doesn’t make it an eagle.

Hold fast to dreams
January 18, 2011

A picture can speak a thousand words. True. Dreams, help me stay alive in this Reality. What is Reality anyway? Its nothing without Dreams.

Hold fast to dreams,

For if dreams die,

Life is a broken winged bird ,

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams,

For when dreams go,

Life is a barren field,

Frozen with snow.

Langston Hughes

What are Miracles?
January 17, 2011

What are miracles?  Wordnetweb defines “Miracle” this way:

Any amazing or wonderful occurrence

I’m not gonna talk about God’s miracles here, but rather the role of Humans in the occurrence of a miracle. To me, a miracle happens only for those who believe in miracles. I believe in miracles. I also believe that the miracle would mean nothing if we did not consider it as a miracle.  People say that God is the reason miracles happen. What do you think?

People marvel at the height of the mountains, the depths of the oceans, the vastness of the lands, and yet, they pass by themselves without marveling.

We are a part of a miracle right now. Belief in oneself is important. If you believe in yourself, you will know that miracles happen. Each and every second of your Life is a miracle.  There are  over 150,000 deaths per day and over 55 million deaths per year, 1.8 deaths per second worldwide, meaning that there are over 100 deaths per minute .The fact that you are still alive and reading this, is in itself  “An amazing and a wonderful occurrence”.

Life is a miracle

Do you believe in God?
January 15, 2011

This has always been a sensitive topic to me. Do I believe in God? I am a monotheist. The God I believe in, does not have any name. Its simply an entity to whom I refer to as “God”. Do you believe in God? Is there a thing such as a supreme power? To me, absolutely. I have often wondered about the Planets in space and what made them hang like that in space. I know there is a scientific explanation to this, but what if that isn’t enough? What if there is another huge body of energy holding all the things together? Like, if it wasn’t there, everything would fall apart and be destroyed? That is what I refer to as God. The Generator, The Operator, The Destroyer. The concept of Heaven and Hell is a little bizarre to me. Yes, I do believe that man has to punished or rewarded for his deeds on the Earth, but I believe that happens on a higher spiritual plane. I believe in reincarnation. Between two births, maybe man is the one who punishes himself or rewards himself for his deeds on the Earth, by means of understanding and correcting his mistakes and being sure not to commit them again in the next life. Well, back to God. Faith, is of utmost importance to me.

Faith, is taking the first step, even when you cannot see the whole staircase.”

So when I ask myself again, “Who is God?” or “What is God?” or rather “Do you believe in God?”, I always remember a quote by someone who I do not know [unfortunately]

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not, What matters is what you believe about God.

Celtic Tales
January 15, 2011

Heavy metal music, Pop, Hip Hop, Death metal, Goth, Soft Rock, Rock, Punk rock so and so are the type of music preferred by almost everyone. If I were to choose between Celtic music and one of the music mentioned above, I would choose Celtic music. There’s something so very relaxing about Celtic music as it never fails to take you to unknown worlds and places. Every time I listen to one of my favorite Celtic pieces, it transports me to a whole new dimension. I wish I was  a Celt. But, unfortunately, I am not. But I guess that’s nothing to worry about because you can be a Celt by soul even though you are not by physical means. Hats off to Celtic Music. Here is a piece that I like:

January 14, 2011

So I should say, word press is really cool. =) I never enjoyed blogging very much only because I got bored of it after sometime or probably because I didn’t like the theme. I currently like my blog appearance and I’m really cool with the variety of choices Word Press has to offer. Nice going Word Press.

Dreams and Reality: Why dreams are powerful
January 14, 2011

Dreams have the power to alter reality, in a good way. Dreams are more powerful than reality because you can do almost anything in your dreamworld. Most people think we do not have the power to make our dreams to reality. But according to me, Reality is nothing but an illusion. What hides beneath the illusion is the dreamworld. Your dreamworld. And by saying “Dreamworld”, I do not mean the world like “Wonderland” but more like “The place where your thoughts go”. If more people had the capability of realizing their Dreams, the meaning that their dreams convey, they can make it into their reality. The reality that they wish to see. The place where the thoughts go is not in the world that we live in, but the special place that only you can see. Your dreams.