Funniest people
January 26, 2011

Topic #27 by Daily Post :

Martin Lawrence, Adam Sandler and JACK BLACK! =D [I have a feeling this post is going to be short haha XD]  Well, I totally LOVE Jack Black. He’s so funny! He’s awesome! Adam Sandler’s nice too. Don’t even get me started on Martin Lawrence :D

Mama says that, alligators are angry cause they got all them teeth, but no toothbrush .

The funniest person that I know personally is my Dad. Full-on, 24X7 comedy supplier. =D There are many other people of course, like my classmate who sits right behind me, its unbelievable how he cracks jokes in History class and I get the suspension most of the time -_- :D Well, its funny either way . haha.

Laughter is the best medicine.


Johnny Depp and me
January 15, 2011

Well, yes this is going to sound hilarious. But this is what I dreamed last night, after me posting a new post “Late In the Night” where I said I did not get any sleep, I finally succeeded in getting some sleep and even going away to that far off place where dreams live. And who said dreams are supposed to be serious and mysterious every time? Well, I can assure you that this particular dream of mine is hilarious. Well, at least, to me. =)

The dream went as follows:

Well,I do not remember how I entered the place, but it seemed as though I was there already. It was a pleasant place. Much like a painting. Greenery all around and nothing else except a chemist’s shop. I was already in the chemist’s shop and i called for the chemist as I looked around me just to realize that I was not alone. All of a sudden, two people were fighting. They were angry, very angry. I guess I almost instantly knew that they were undergoing anger management therapy. (=D) SO here ends the chemist shop dream and as I went out of the chemist’s shop, i was at an apartment and I saw Mad Hatter. (=P) Well, I went to take a closer look and I saw that it was Johnny Depp. (LOL) As I neared him, he started walking towards me and started talking to me. And I don’t remember the exact words, but he said something like ” Did you see Alice?” and I said something in reply, but he didn’t seem to care. So after that, I don’t know why, but we started playing. Hide and Seek. I went wherever Johnny went. ( I didn’t want to lose him :D) Finally, he removed a pocket book , which had Michael Jackson’s picture on it ( Wow) and he scribbled something on it. Then as I started reading it, though it did not make sense, I understood what he wrote. (hm…) He wrote “I found Alice” . And thats it. My mom waking me up and blah…i wanted to stay there a little longer. (duh…it was Johnny Depp!!) Well, Thats my dream. And believe me, it was hilarious to me. Just the fact that dreams can make me talk to Johnny Depp shows how powerful they are. What would be almost impossible was made possible in a few hours.

Well, I will return to that place again when the time is right. I will return to my dreams tonight.